Voeckler Stopped Midway In The Ride

It is the crowd of Tour de France which is hailed as good and bad. This year was no exception as a man got violin in the event. Such has been the response from the spectators that they are indulging in taking selfies which also took place during Tour de France.

Clearly the racers did not love it at all. Other than that what was all the more annoying for Voeckler and other riders was the verbal jab which they were indulging in.

He got so much time in the middle of his ride that he got out of the cycle and yelled at the Dutch spectator who was booing at the riders. He does not pay heed to the no nonsense guff and all the more he cannot take in what the others say and do to distract him. The spectator was taken aback and at that moment itself apologized to Voeckler. Voeckler shook his head and went riding past by. The move by him was not taken in good spirit as it was not the smartest of move.

It is from 2011 that he is struggling with the boos from the Dutch. The worst of crash took place that time and many thought that his career would have been over but it did not happen so. Others also believed that he would stop and look for the safety of other riders but he did not do so. He established himself in the top position and showed that he could not take in rude comments and atrocities which follow. The incident will be remembered down the memory lane by him and for the spectators who were watching him through the entire course of event. It certainly came as a blow on his face and career but it did not deter his performance in any way.