Sir Dave Brailsford Opines That Britain Comes Top In Cycling

The boss of Team Sky Brailsford gives credit to both the road and rail department for preparing a congenial track for cycling. Britain has also broken the jinx of Spain and France, the two power blocs in cycling. According to BBC Sport Britain is the most sought after nation in terms of cycling.

For the last two years the success of Britain has shown that it is no less than other countries when it comes to cycling be it Tour de France record or Olympic record. The Tour de France which is soon going to be underway, leaving out Bradley Wiggins out was a tough decision to make. But it was reason and logic that overruled the emotions. The only driving force is to win and keeping that in mind the decision was taken. Froome won the title last year so he will make all efforts to defend the title and based on it if this year too he wins it will be the third consecutive win by Team Sky which will also mark the brainchild of Brailsford for the third time.

An unprecedented success has been enjoyed by the team under Sir Brailsford. With seven gold in the Olympic of 2008 and 2012 and the other record of 59 medals of the World Championship in between 2003 and 2013. So that is why Britain is counted as the numero uno nation in cycling. It has been a team effort coupled with determination and domination in the world events but the challenge is to keep it going and reach higher laurels. There are still miles to go before it can be really hailed as the dominating nation in cycling according to Brailsford who has enjoyed his journey with Team Sky and its members.