Schleck to return this week

Frank Schleck will be returning to the racing tracks this week for the first time after serving his ban for one year. The 33 year old has vowed that he will make up for the time he has lost in between. Frank was found positive for a doping case during the Tour de France in 2012. His contract with his former team RadioShack Leopard has also been terminated which has resulted in his joining his brother’s team.

This will be Frank’s first appearance in over one year and he said that he has a lot to offer to his fans. He will be participating in the Santos Tour Down Under which is scheduled to start on Tuesday and he is quite confident.

Although winning the tour will be a huge boost for him but he wants to get back the confidence with this race. In an interview he said that even if he finishes in an unexpected place he will not be disappointed because this will just be the first race in a long time for him. He is looking to make a good comeback and that is his main focus for the time being.

Back in July 2012 Frank Schleck was tested and xipamide was found which is a banned diuretic. He still says that he did not take the product knowingly and it must have been in some food which he consumed during that time. The 12 months ban came as a shock to not only Frank but also his fans.

In the interview he recalled the days when he was not allowed to ride and he went on to say that it was very frustrating for him and that too when he knew he has not done anything. However he is trying to overcome those memories and looking forward to participate in the Santos Tour Down Under.