Cyclists cannot avoid dope questions

As the cycling world is all fumed given the patent doping questions hurled at cyclists in almost every press conference- a prominent figure from the same zone is okay with the very questions. Brian Holm, the sporting director from Omega Pharma has remarked that the cyclists now are bound to be asked about doping issues constantly as the sport has earned this very fate, courtesy the infamous dope revelations of legendary cyclists in recent past.

As per Holm’s statements, Froome and other cyclists today should learn how to tackle the dope related questions since these are natural to be hurled at them. “People would be bringing up the topic since we deserve that. You can’t be annoyed while charged with the question”, stated Holm on the 1st rest day of Tour de France. “We have our string doping tradition in cycling and we have been lying to people for years”. Holm himself admitted dope consumptions in 1990s.

The dope topic became more relevant recently when Chris Froome (Sky) came up with an extraordinarily fast performance on Saturday. Pat McQuaid, the UCI President expressed great irritation against media’s dope related questions.

“I feel the cyclists do not deserve to be questioned on doping the moment they appear for the press conferences”, said an annoyed McQuaid. “It’s really unfortunate that on Sunday too, the very 1st question that was asked to the riders was on doping. The media must understand that the present day riders do not deserved to be seen on the wrongs committed by the predecessors. Today’s riders should be treated with due respect for their efforts on clean racing sans doping”.

Holm didn’t agree to the remarks of UCI President but said that he is confident about a clean win from Sky. “I really feel Froome is all clean. I do understand that Chris got annoyed with the doping question but we have to stay open-minded”, commented Holm.