Cycling Road Titles Track Draws Sparks

The Aussie road titles course has again drawn sparks- this time it’s Martin Barras, the coach for national women team, who is disappointed with the racing track.

According to him racing in the Buninyong’s 102 km hilly racing circuit would be less exciting for the women racing event which is about to start this weekend. The coach expected more changes following previous season’s experiment which saw an addition of a flatter route to the usual circuit.

The Buninyong road racing course had earlier faced criticism from several riders, especially Robbie McEwen as he felt that this Aussie circuit was too easy for the climbing specialists.

“That is very unfortunate. Last year the course actually opened the championship to much wider team of cyclists & we truly experienced better race owing to it”, remarked a disappointed Barras. “When I look at great riders such as Chloe Hosking, I don’t feel she has got the opportunity of coming up as future national champion, because of this course.”

We are getting back to a more conventional climber’s race. I like racing at Buninyong. I really love commitment to national title-it is very important”, Barras continued. “But I am an advocate of varying this race course.”

A major factor that led the race organizers abandon the previous season’s experimental addition was the very decisive break during men’s championship that went away fast.

Moreover, the 10 km racing circuit followed by long climb just post start or finish line, seems to be much popular among the fans.

Sean Muir, the race director, stressed that it won’t be viable to get distinct route for men under-23, elite men & women’s road races on same weekend.

The men under-23 (following 132 km course) & women (following 102km course) races have been scheduled for January 11 (Saturday) while elite men race even is fixed for the next day.