Cycling boost for the region of Yorkshire

Investment has been made for the Tour de Yorkshire for euro 800,000 to promote the facilities of cycling Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister announced that euro 500,000 euro would go for the facilities of county cycling that will also take under the new circuits.

The investment will be overseen by the British cycling.

The funding of matches will also be secured along with clubs of cycling and partner organisations. Spokesperson of the government confirmed that funding will be continued from two years- 2015 to 2017.

Running of race in three stages from the 1st of May to the 3rd of May will be held which will be from Wakefield to Leeds, Selby to York and Bridlington to Scarborough. The programme is set under an organised panel of people that will be trying to boost the region with all their developments. Some amount of money from the 800,000 euro will be spent in development of the overseas county in its publicity which will take place before the race.

It was Sheffield Hallam who announced the course that will not be a part of the race of Yorkshire to be held in May. The entire place will be benefitted since even if the routes that do not cover the race will see tourist growth. Business will flourish in the entire region. Support Service group including David Bocking stated that the more the money involved in cycling, the better it will be. To promote the realistic standards of living life, cycling has to be promoted in all its essence. For many years to come the money spent in cycling would provide growth to the area. The race of international cycling will be held in Yorkshire which was a decision made at Tour de France held in Yorkshire hailed as the ‘Grand Depart’.