Alessandro Comments About Giro Event

Alessandro Petacchi might have retired, but as a commentator, he has gained an active role in different cycling events.

He was part of the Giro d’Italia event of this year as well and helped announce, comment and analyze the different stages and performances of the different riders. For instance, the opening stage of the race is known for the sprinters to take advantage of. That is something that did not happen this time. Hence, among those analyzing the situation and giving their views, Alessandro was one of them. The sprinters were unable to win the sprint stages on Friday and Alessandro conceded that it was an occasion lost. However, some did profit from the situation such as Lukas Pöstlberger of Austria, who was able to win in the chaotic situation.

Alessandro is now seen in the racing circuits mostly as a commentator. It is a new role for him after he announced his retirement. However the Giro is an event where he has had several stage victories and he has a lot to share, opinions to give and suggestions to the riders who take part in this event. In fact, it was at the Giro that he announced his retirement from a professional career that he has been pursuing since 1996. The reason that he announced his retirement abruptly is the fact that he was down with a viral infection that continued to take a toll on his health. He felt that he would not be able to put his best after all and that it was best that he retired when he was still doing well on the circuits. That year his team had other rides lined up for him such as the Vuelta a Venezuela. This would have required him to travel to South America, but he ended his career before completing this and other races that year.