Final Giro D’italia Team To Be Named By Israel Cycling Academy

One of the cycling’s three Grand Tour’s was first time completed by Israeli rider Giro D’Italia when it gets under way in Jerusalem next Friday.

The identity of cyclist will be finally revealed on Wednesday when Israel announced its first eight men for prestigious race which continues from opening day till heading towards southern Italy. Guy Sagiv and Guy Niv both impressed Giro, but still only one of them will line up in the team. All the eight riders were shortlisted two weeks ago for the remaining four ICA’s rosters.
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Alessandro Comments About Giro Event

Alessandro Petacchi might have retired, but as a commentator, he has gained an active role in different cycling events.

He was part of the Giro d’Italia event of this year as well and helped announce, comment and analyze the different stages and performances of the different riders. For instance, the opening stage of the race is known for the sprinters to take advantage of. That is something that did not happen this time. Hence, among those analyzing the situation and giving their views, Alessandro was one of them. The sprinters were unable to win the sprint stages on Friday and Alessandro conceded that it was an occasion lost. However, some did profit from the situation such as Lukas Pöstlberger of Austria, who was able to win in the chaotic situation.

Alessandro is now seen in the racing circuits mostly as a commentator. It is a new role for him after he announced his retirement. However the Giro is an event where he has had several stage victories and he has a lot to share, opinions to give and suggestions to the riders who take part in this event. In fact, it was at the Giro that he announced his retirement from a professional career that he has been pursuing since 1996. The reason that he announced his retirement abruptly is the fact that he was down with a viral infection that continued to take a toll on his health. He felt that he would not be able to put his best after all and that it was best that he retired when he was still doing well on the circuits. That year his team had other rides lined up for him such as the Vuelta a Venezuela. This would have required him to travel to South America, but he ended his career before completing this and other races that year.


Team Sky’s manager Dave Brailsford is to face some serious questioning relating to a package which appears to be the main subject of the ongoing UK Anti-Doping investigation.

British sport minister Tracey Crouch made the announcement on Sunday that Brailsford will be among the six people set to appear before the culture, media and sport committee. The questioning which is scheduled to hold on Monday in Westminster is part of a long running investigation into the sport’s fight against doping.

The committee will ask questions based on evidences that had surfaced relating to Olympic champion Bradley Wiggins’ therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), with an essential doctor’s note, permitting athletes to make use of medications that would otherwise be banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Also he would answer queries over a package that was delivered to Brailsford team by a British Cycling employee at the end of pre-Tour de France race in 2011.

A leaked document had earlier revealed that Wiggins was given approval to use the powerful corticosteroid triamcinolone before races in 2011, 2012 and 2013. It was reported in October that, at the final stages of the 2011 Dauphine Libere, Simon Cope, who was then the GB women’s team manager and academy, delivered a “Jiffy bag” containing triamcinolone to Team Sky doctor Richard Freeman.

Immediately the allegation was made public, the UK Anti-Doping Agency sprang into action and started investigations into the alleged cheating. UKAD sent investigators to the headquarters of both Team Sky and cycling’s national governing body, to collect relevant documents and interview the witnesses.

However, Team Sky’s boss, British Cycling, Cope, Freeman and Wiggins have strongly denied the allegations, saying that the content of the package was not triamcinolone.

Speaking to BBC 5 Live’s Sportsweek, the British sport minister said she would be following the committee hearing with “great interest.”

“If we want to continue to be successful in cycling, and to encourage more people to participate in cycling, it is important that the witnesses are transparent in the answers they give.

Brailsford will be asked some extremely important questions and he will have to justify himself and his actions, and it’s not for me as sports minister to say otherwise,” the minister said.


Team Stolting has announced their decision to stop at the end of this season, putting an end to Germany’s only remaining Professional Continental team.

Recall that earlier last year they have revealed their intensions of moving from continental rank to professional continental rank, by co-sponsoring the Cult Energy team. However, in December 2015, the Danish sponsors had gone public with news of withdrawing from both deal and the team, accusing stolting of not fulfilling their part of the deal.

The German firm had denied the accusations and had gone on to be the sole sponsor of the Cult Energy team.

The team has had a rough season this year, and though they had top ranking riders such as Gerald Ciolek, Fabian Wegmann and Linus Gerdemann, they won fewer races.

Adding to their misfortune this year, was the withdrawal of Danish sponsor, and the futile search for a new co-sponsor. This year, the team was composed mostly of Danish and German riders.

The team had earlier this year announced that due to lack of sponsorship, it would drop down to continental level in 2017. However, Christian Grosse Kreul the team’s manager hand earlier last week updated that the team would have to stop at the end of 2017.

He stated that the main reason for ending the team is because, most of the current team riders have moved to new team for the next season. With Mads Pedersen moving on to join Trek-Segafredo and Lennard Kämna, and two others moving up to the World Tour.

Other members of the team who have not secured new teams include; Gerolsteiner, who turned pro in 2002. However, the 36-year old has announced that he would be retiring. 30 year old Ciolek, and 34 years Gerdemann have not yet revealed their intentions for the next season.

Tyler Farrar supports Mark Cavendish to 2nd in Scheldeprijs

Stuck between the Paris-Roubaix and Tour of Flanders, the quickest sprinters in the peloton to go to Antwerp, in Belgium – the Scheldeprijs.

For Tyler Farrar, this was the very first time he would be attempting to set up his ex rival, now team leader UK’s Mark Cavendish in the anticipated bunch gallop in Churchill boulevard in Schoten.

The absence of devoted lead-out man Mark Renshaw, who rammed during Tour of Flanders previous Sunday, made Mark feel less easy to go for a classic lead-out. He said Tyler to flank him rather than lead him out.

After crossing the end-line in Schoten, Farrar told that they lost Renshaw with his crash from Flanders. Cav and he has not really gave him a real lead-out yet and this was a big aim so he was more comfy coming off Kittel’s wheel. He just asked to try and shelter him on Kittel’s wheel as long as he could. He was able to make this until the kite.

Mark ended up being in a great spot on the wheel from the Marcel Kittel (Etixx-QuickStep) but he was not able to pass him before the line, ending less than half a wheel behind the German champ.

Tyler added that as a team, they did very well. It was like a photo finish. This is painful, but he really believe in Mark. You could not get any closer to winning than he did today. A photo finish between Cav and Kittel, and Greipel in third. They are the titans of field sprinting.

Team Sky happy with the progress of Chris Froome ahead of Tour de France bid

After starting 2 dazzling attacks on the last stage of Volta a Catalunya and ending a solid 8th overall, Team Sky are convinced quietly that Chris Froome is on way for a huge bid in July for a 3rd Tour de France honor.

In the build-up to Tour de France, nothing is more than timing, and the performance in a hilly trackway in central Barcelona reveals that Froome, while not at hundred percent as of now – and nor must he be with 3 months still to go, is progressing steadily in the perfect direction.

The Volta a Catalunya, which is one of the top three stage races in Spain, threw up some other challenging lessons, given it was won in perfect style by Nairo Quintana, a two times runner-up in Tour de France behind Froome and at the age of twenty-five, 5 years his junior.

Sky are specifically happy as last time this time, Froome was in the middle of a tough return from a chest infection. As Froome harnessed what is just his 2nd race of the season, it is a very much different story. Even though Froome has never looked to be in the list for the overall win, Sky said that he is well on track for the summer.

Nico Portal, the team director, stated that they are really very well. Compared to previous year at this point, he is doing fine. All he is lacking is the top-end speed that comes with greater contest. On the two big mountain stages that decided the race, Chris was up there till the last part of the stage, where his rivals put in the big accelerations. This is very encouraging.

Astana Plead For License

Under-fire cycling team Astana had a meeting with UCI executives last Thursday in Switzerland where the former pleaded for retention of their World Tour license.

Astana has been in the news since the final quarter of 2014 as 5 of their riders failed the doping tests. This led to UCI President asking for the annulment of the team’s World Tour license by UCI’s License Committee. The decision has not been finalized yet and the squad is presently under probation.

In case Astana lose out on their World Tour license, defending Tour France champ Vincenzo Nibali would be denied of the opportunity to defend the title this year in July. Nibali is a star player from the Kazakh team.

UCI initially provided the World Tour race license last year in December under the condition that the squad would cooperate with ISSUL’s study that deals with 2014 doping cases. But after a review of ISSUL report, UCI chief Brian Cookson asked the UCI License Committee for the withdrawal of Astana’s permit to race.

“UCI confirms that UCI representatives, ISSUL & Astana Pro have today appeared before Licence Commission”, revealed a statement released by UCI regarding the Astana issue.

“Since the very proceeding is on hold as of now, UCI would not make any kind of comment regarding the matter.”

World Tour racing license offers access to major international races such as Tour France & big tour of Spain & Italy.

According to statements published from Astana, the Kazakh squad would appeal against any step to withdraw their license. This signifies that Nibali has this chance to defend Tour France title prior to the announcement of any kind of binding decision.

In the meantime, FIC boss has criticized UCI chief of not consulting the UCI Management Committee before recommending License Committee to withdraw Astana’s license.

Cycling boost for the region of Yorkshire

Investment has been made for the Tour de Yorkshire for euro 800,000 to promote the facilities of cycling Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister announced that euro 500,000 euro would go for the facilities of county cycling that will also take under the new circuits.

The investment will be overseen by the British cycling.

The funding of matches will also be secured along with clubs of cycling and partner organisations. Spokesperson of the government confirmed that funding will be continued from two years- 2015 to 2017.

Running of race in three stages from the 1st of May to the 3rd of May will be held which will be from Wakefield to Leeds, Selby to York and Bridlington to Scarborough. The programme is set under an organised panel of people that will be trying to boost the region with all their developments. Some amount of money from the 800,000 euro will be spent in development of the overseas county in its publicity which will take place before the race.

It was Sheffield Hallam who announced the course that will not be a part of the race of Yorkshire to be held in May. The entire place will be benefitted since even if the routes that do not cover the race will see tourist growth. Business will flourish in the entire region. Support Service group including David Bocking stated that the more the money involved in cycling, the better it will be. To promote the realistic standards of living life, cycling has to be promoted in all its essence. For many years to come the money spent in cycling would provide growth to the area. The race of international cycling will be held in Yorkshire which was a decision made at Tour de France held in Yorkshire hailed as the ‘Grand Depart’.

Voeckler Stopped Midway In The Ride

It is the crowd of Tour de France which is hailed as good and bad. This year was no exception as a man got violin in the event. Such has been the response from the spectators that they are indulging in taking selfies which also took place during Tour de France.

Clearly the racers did not love it at all. Other than that what was all the more annoying for Voeckler and other riders was the verbal jab which they were indulging in.

He got so much time in the middle of his ride that he got out of the cycle and yelled at the Dutch spectator who was booing at the riders. He does not pay heed to the no nonsense guff and all the more he cannot take in what the others say and do to distract him. The spectator was taken aback and at that moment itself apologized to Voeckler. Voeckler shook his head and went riding past by. The move by him was not taken in good spirit as it was not the smartest of move.

It is from 2011 that he is struggling with the boos from the Dutch. The worst of crash took place that time and many thought that his career would have been over but it did not happen so. Others also believed that he would stop and look for the safety of other riders but he did not do so. He established himself in the top position and showed that he could not take in rude comments and atrocities which follow. The incident will be remembered down the memory lane by him and for the spectators who were watching him through the entire course of event. It certainly came as a blow on his face and career but it did not deter his performance in any way.

Welsh Cycling Awards 2014 Honored Manon Carpenter And Geraint Thomas

USN Welsh Cycling Awards are held annually to honor coaches, officials, volunteers and cyclists who work very hard in order to encourage cycling in Wales in the most efficient manner. The 2014 USN Welsh Cycling Awards were held on the 18th of October, 2014 in Cardiff at the Millennium Stadium. The 2014 Welsh Cycling Awards have honored Manon Carpenter and Geraint Thomas for their individual efforts.
The Elite Cyclist of the year 2014 was awarded to Manon Carpenter whose performance in the 2014 cycling season was remarkable and consistently good. Before she became the World Champion in the month of September, Carpenter had already won British National Downhill Series and the UCI World Cup Mountain Bike Downhill Series.
Carpenter said that she was feeling really nervous before she received the award because according to her the competition was tough. She was really happy to see that Mountain Biking is also being recognized by such award events. Carpenter is excited for the 2015 cycling season and is eager to make certain improvements for the season.
Outstanding Performance of the year 2014 was awarded to Geraint Thomas (Team Sky) who had represented Wales for the Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 and won the gold medal for Wales in the road race. Thomas had also won a Bronze medal for the time trial race at the Commonwealth Games 2014. Due to Thomas’s outstanding performance, Welsh Cycling was able give its best ever Commonwealth Games performance.
Along with Manon Carpenter and Geraint Thomas, Tudor Thomas (member of the Bynea Cycling Club) was honored with award called the Lifetime Contribution to Cycling in Wales because for around 50 years, Thomas has been dedicated to the sport including judging, marshalling, event organizing, racing etc. Tudor Thomas felt really tremendous after he received the award and encouraged more and more people to enjoy cycling.